About President Stephen Lam




City of Monterey Park                                                                                               Mayor Pro Tem

美國加州蒙特利公園市政府                                                                                          副市長

Chinese-American Elected Officials                                                                     Board of Directors

美國華裔民選官員協會                                                                                                      理事

Monterey Park Lions Manor                                                                                   Board of Directors

美國加州蒙特利公園市獅子會慈善福利公寓                                                               理事

Business Improvement District Advisory Committee                                                 Former Chairman

美國加州蒙特利公園市政府商業發展委員會                                                            前主席

City of Monterey Park Planning Commission                                                     Former Commissioner

美國加州蒙特利公園市政府都市規劃委員會                                                            前委員

City of Monterey Park Blue Ribbon Finance Committee                                           Former Member

美國加州蒙特利公園市政府藍帶財務委員會                                                            前委員

Monterey Park Lions Club                                                                                        Former President

美國蒙特利公園市獅子會                                                                                               前會長


Lams USA Group LLC                                                                                                        Chairman

美國蘭姆師地產投資開發管理                                                                                      董事長

Lams USA Immigration                                                                                                          Director

美國蘭姆師移民中心                                                                                                          董事

Lams USA Education Academy                                                                                          President

美國蘭姆師教育學院                                                                                                          院長

American Purlinton University                                                                                             Professor

美國普林頓大學                                                                                                                   教授

Lams USA Name Brand Clothing                                                                                         Director

美國蘭姆師國際名牌時裝區域總代理                                                                            董事 

Lams USA Charitable Foundation                                                                        Founder/Chairman

美國蘭姆師慈善基金會                                                                                     創會會長/主席

Lim’s Asso. / America GD Community Asso. / SC Fukienese Asso.                                 Consultant

洛杉磯林西河堂/美國廣東聯誼會/南加州福建同鄉會                                               顧問



 President Stephen Lam's Biography

Elected: 2015 (First term of office under Ordinance No. 2096).

Current City Committee Assignments
Currently serves on the following committees and boards as a city representative:

  • San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership
  • Alternate for the California Contract Cities Association
  • Alternate for the League of California Cities
  • Alternate for the Sister Cities Commission
  • Alternate for the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments

Stephen Lam started his career as a banker and, after years of experience in mortgage and commercial lending, started up his own financial and real estate firm at the age of 26. With the success of these businesses, he founded Lams USA Group, LLÇ where he is the President and CEO. Stephen has always been a community leader and activist. With his commitment and dedication, he devoted most of his time and business financial experiences to the City of Monterey Park and its residents, therefore, he has been appointed to numerous city commissions for over 10 years.

In 2015, Stephen decided to run for City Council for the first time and, with the voters' confidence and support, he was successfully elected in March, 2015. As part of the campaign promise, Stephen will be donating his entire city salary for scholarships towards the Monterey Park schools for future leadership development programs. Council member Lam will become Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Monterey Park on March 2017, and Mayor on January 2018.



                 Former Planning Commissioner of the City of Monterey Park

                 President and CEO of Lams USA Group, LLC

                 Former Chairman of Business District Advisory Committee of the City of Monterey Park, 3 terms

                 Board of Directors of Monterey Park Lions Manor

                 California Bureau of Real Estate Licensed Broker for over 28 years

                 Board of Directors of Chinese-American Elected Officials

                 Former member of Blue Ribbon Finance Committee of the City of Monterey Park

                 Former President of Monterey Park Lions Club, 2 terms

                 Former Board of Directors of Monterey Park Chamber of Commerce, 2 terms

                 Honoree of “49th Assembly District Legacy Awards” by California State Assembly

                Award winner of 49th Assembly District “Make A Difference Day” by California State Assembly

                Fundraised over USD $20,000 for American Legion Post 397 for replacing New Roof

                President’s Partner of East Los Angeles College Foundation

                Members of Citizen Committee for ensuring City’s Fire Department not contracted with the County of LA

                Alumni of California State University, Los Angeles, Business Administration in International. Business

                Alumni of Abraham Lincoln University, School of Law, Juris Doctorate Program

                Fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin

               Married to Jenny with 3 children



 President of the United States     Barack Obama

美國第44屆總統  Barack Obama

67th United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

美國國務卿 希拉里 克林頓




 Former United States Secretary of Labor      Hilda L. Solis

美國前勞工部長  Hilda L. Solis 



 United States Congresswoman Judy Chu, Ph.D.

Representing the 32nd District of California

美國聯邦國會眾議員  趙美心博士




United State Congressman  Ted Lieu

美國聯邦國會議員 劉雲平 


United States Congressman     Adam Schiff

美國聯邦國會眾議員 Adam Schiff






California State Controller   John Chiang

美國加州主審計長  江俊輝



California State Senate  Ed Hernandez

美國加州參議員 Ed Hernandz



California State Senate  Gloria J. Romero

美國加州參議員 Gloria J. Romero




Assemblymember, 49 TH District  Mike Eng 

美國加州眾議員       伍國慶 



City of Los Angeles Mayor   Antonio R. Villaraigosa
美國加州洛杉磯市市長    Antonio R. Villaraigosa




City of Monterey Park Council Member   Anthony Wong

美國加州蒙特利公園市市議員  黃維剛



City of Monterey Park Counil Member  Daivd Lau

美國加州蒙特利公園市市議員  劉達強


City of Rosemead Council Member  Polly Low

美國加州柔似密市市議員  勞朱嘉儀


City of San Marino Council Member   Dr. Richard Sun

美國加州聖瑪麗偌市市議員  孫國泰博士