Your future starts here!


After completing most of your general education and lower division major requirements, you may transfer to


                                        University of California, Berkeley  (加利福尼亚州大学,伯克利分校)

                                        University of California, Los Angeles (加利福尼亚州, 洛杉矶分校) 

                                        University of California, San Diego  (加利福利亚州, 圣地亚哥分校)

                                        University of California, Santa Barbara (加利福尼亚州大学,圣塔巴巴拉分校)

                                               University of Southern California (南加州大学)    

                                                      California State University, Fullerton   富勒顿加州学院)         

                                                       California State University, Long Beach  (长滩加州学院)

                                      California State University, Los Angeles  (洛杉矶加州学院)

                                    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (波莫那加州理工学院)