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International Student Program for Students from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau • Has Authorized By Several Universities and High Schools As a School Admission  Consultant • Experienced • High Visa Success Rate • Good Reputation • Reasonable Charges

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Lams USA Education Center, a division of Lams USA Group LLC, is committed to provide only the best and professional service for our clients. Studying aboard is a very serious, yet important decision to make for many students and parents. Therefore, Lams USA Education Center is here to help. We would always provide the best suggestions and choices of schools for our students by fully understanding each of their situations.  We make sure that the students will spend an unforgettable time while studying aboard in the U.S. At the same time, we care about our students and think ahead for them, by planning a path to a successful future.  Lams USA Education Center has helped countless of students to achieve their higher education goals by assisting them to study aboard in the United States. Our honesty and professionalism has made us the best education consultancy.

Lams USA Education Center has an intensive school network in Los Angeles and we expert in helping students to study in the U.S. For many years, a bachelor degree issued in the U.S has been seen as the symbol of a rich and successful future. However, universities in the U.S have been very strict in giving admissions to international students from China in the past. It has created an impression that only the best students could be admitted. Fortunately, U.S has loosen its restrictions on issuing student Visa in these past few years, at the same time, a lot of universities have lower their standards in accepting international students. Therefore, a lot of people would say that the best time to study aboard to the U.S has come. 

In order to help more students to complete their dreams in studying in the U.S, Lams USA Education Center is committed to help the applicants in every dimension. Our services include but not limited to: assisting students to complete school applications, revising personal statements, applying for scholarships, and getting student Visas. We try our best to ensure every student will receive an admission letter and get a Visa.  We have hundreds of successful cases in admitting students to famous education institutions. One of our strengths is that we do not require students to have TOEFL score in order to get admitted to our education networks – by this way, it saves preparation time, money, and stress for our students and parents. Our experienced education consultants are familiar with all study aboard programs, and is here to provide the most professional and accurate suggestions for our students. We also provide follow up services for our students after they arrive and checks in for school. Therefore, there would be nothing for the parents and the student to worry about. In order to have control of the latest educational information, our consultants visit different school campus regularly. In addition, we never stop to expand our school networks. Therefore, we are confident to say that we only provide the best and dependable services here in Lams USA Education.  

Our services include:
-          Applying for middle and high school in the U.S
-          Applying for famous education institutions
-          Education consulting
-          Admission and Visa preparation
-          Homestay services
-          EB-5 immigration services and visiting Visa for student’s parents
-          Helping students from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to study aboard in the U.S


Lams USA Education Center:
-          is appointed as a recruiting consular in many different education institutions
-          is experienced and has a high successful rate for Visa approval
-          develops a trustworthy relationship with all their students and parents
-          has reasonable charges and fees
-          is supported by a team of professional lawyers
-          is able to admit students to many different UCs , CSUs, and other famous universities


Our recruiting targets:
-          Middle School students:  Age 13-15
-          High School students: Age 15-18
-          College students: Age 18-20


College Majors:
Accounting , Anatomy, Anthropology, Architecture, Art, Biology, Communication, Economic, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Child Development, Finance, Education, Electrical Engineering, Banking, Geology, History, Humane Studies, Journalism, Law, Management, Marketing, Math, Meteorology, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Photography, Physic, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, etc.


Middle/High School: Approximately 15,000 – 50,000 USD
College: Appoximately 10,000 – 50,000 USD 
Graduate:  Approximately 30,000 - 50,000 USD


Living expenses:
Around 15,000 USD a year (books, insurances, housing, hospitality, etc)


Required documents:
Students: Passport, Transcripts, Diploma, Immunization Record (For Middle/High School Student)
Parents: Identification card, Proof of income, Proof of saving, Family background


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